Firuz Shah Tughlaq’s affair with Milkmaid

In 1354 AD Firuz Shah Tughlaq built a Firoz Shah Palace Complex in the city of Hisar in Haryana. The palace consists of a mosque, a Diwan-e-Aam, a palace for his wife, underground apartments and a granary. Originally this place has one royal entrance and four main gates- Shahi Darwaza, Talaqi Gate, Nagauri Gate and Mori gate.

As a part of this complex, Firuz Shah also built a Mahal for his mistress Gujri. He named that mahal as Gujri Mahal to show his love towards Gujri. Gujri Mahal is a part of Firoz Shah Palace Complex. This place is located outside the fort complex to east and was built as an outlying portion of it. Between the Gurjari mahal and the main fort complex a garden was built, which is now the location of modern-day Jindal park with a 207 feet tall.

The backstory of Firuz Shah Tughlaq and Gujri

Firuz Shah Tughlaq’s affair with Milkmaid

Before Tughlaq named as king, he was the only prince. He was quite interested in hunting. He regularly used to go to forest to hunt and spend lot of time in the forest. One day while he was on hunt he found a small township in the middle of the jungle. He later came to know that those were the people abandoned from their respective villages. As they were not allowed to their villages they started to live themselves by making shelter in middle of the forest.

Gujri was a milk selling women. She used to visit this township daily to sell milk and earn her living. Accidentally Firuz Shah Tughlaq met her here once and fell in love with her. Since then he used to go to jungle moretimes then before. But this time his purpose is not for hunting he just wants to make love with Gujri. He used to spend lot of his time in jungle with Gujri because she was his mistress.

Later he asked her to accompany him to the throne at Delhi. But she refused it. As a symbol of his love towards Gujri he built a place for her in Hisar and built his own place complex around it.

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