The Battle of Pullalur

The Battle of Pullalur
Many Battles were fought between the Chalukyas and Pallavas, The Battle of Pullalur was one of the part of Chalukya-Pallava Wars. The Battle was fought between the Chalukya king Pulakesin II and the Pallava king Mahendravarman I in the village of Pullalur (Pollilur) in the year 619 ACE. The Battle ended with Chalukya victory and confinement of the Pallava power to the vicinity of Kanchipuram.

Background :

The main reason behind the Pallava and Chalukya wars was the Vishnukundin kingdom. The Vishnukundins were allies of the Pallavas of Kanchi. The rapid expansion of the Chalukya Empire had resulted in the Chalukya annexation of the Vishnukundin kingdom. This embittered the Pallavas against them and a large number of battles were fought.

In about 617–18 ACE, Pulakesin II invaded and annexed Venginadu ( a region spread over the mandals of Godavari and Krishna districts of Andhrapradesh). After his success against Venginadu, he proceeded towards south and confining the Pallavas to the area around Kanchi. The Pallava king Mahendravarman I met Pulakesin II at the village of Pullalur.


The Meguti (Aihole) inscription of Pulakeshi’s court poet, Ravikriti, and other corroborative evidence (The Kasakudi plates) gives a detailed description of the battle,
In 619 AD, Chalukyas annexed the Andhra territories of Pallavas and enter the core Tondainadu of the Pallavas. Ravikriti justifies this by saying that Chalukyas have to do it because Pallavas oppose the rise of Chalukyas. But Ravikriti also praises Pallavan power and the prosperity of the Southern kingdoms.
The inscription says that Pulakesi II, “With his six fold forces, the hereditary troops and the rest, who raised spotless chaowries, hundreds of flags, umbrellas, and darkness, and who churned the enemy elated with the sentiments of heroism and energy, he caused the splendour of the lord of the Pallavas, who had opposed the rise of his power, to be obscured by the dust of his army, and to vanish behind the walls of Kanchipuram.”

Pulakeshi defeats Mahendravarman I’s forces in Battle of Pullalur. But Pulakeshi did not enter further into the capital, because Kanchi is heavily fortified with moats, ramparts etc that Chalukyas cannot ( or think it unwise to try to ) penetrate. Although Pulakesin attacked Kanchi but unable to penetrate the defences of the Pallava capital, he proceeded southwards and ravaged the northern and central parts of Tamil Nadu intruding as far as the Kaveri River. Then, after accepting the submission of Chera, Chola and Pandya kings, Pulakesin II returned to Vatapi.

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