Kumaragupta III - " Last but one " ruler of Gupta dynasty

Kumaragupta III - " Last but one " ruler of Gupta dynasty
Kumaragupta III was the last but one ruler of the great Gupta empire which was once ruled by great kings like Chandragupta I, Samudragupta, Chandragupta II, Kumaragupta I etc. He ruled between 530 - 540 A.D. by succeeding his father Narasimhagupta. Gupta empire started declining during his rule.

There were certain proofs regarding the existence of Kumaragupta III. His silver - copper seal was found in 1889 from Bhitari. This sealing mentioned the names of his father Narasimhagupta and his grandfather Purugupta. A clay sealing of Kumaragupta III was discovered in Nalanda. This sealing also mentioned about his father and grandfather. This seal of Nalanda mentions Purugupta as Kumaragupta I's son from his queen Ananthadevi.

At the time of ascending of throne by Kumaragupta III, the power of Guptas had shrunk to their original power base in Magadha. The downfall of the imperial power is also reflected in the quantity and quality of gold coins which were issued by Kumaragupta III. They were issued in a very lower number and the gold used was not of good quality, this tells about the financial crisis of the empire during his rule.
The early Maukhari kings had family ties with later Guptas. But during Kumaragupta III's rule they became rivals. Isanavarman was the ruler of Maukhari kingdom at that time. He declared himself independent from the Gupta empire. Kumaragupta III waged war with Isanavarman and defeated him. The Aphsad inscription mentions about the victory of Kumaragupta III over Isanavarman.

Kumaragupta III was succeeded by his son Vishnugupta around 540 A.D. Vishnugupta was the last ruler of the great Gupta empire. 

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