Purugupta - Fourth Successor King After Samudragupta

Purugupta - Fourth Successor King After Samudragupta
Purugupta was the fourth successor king after Samudragupta of Gupta dynasty. He ruled between 467-473 A.D. There is very little data available about Purugupta. He was the son of Kumaragupta I and his chief queen Ananthadevi. He had a half brother named Skandagupta who was third successor king after Samudragupta and Purugupta succeeded him.

There is no known contemporary inscriptions of Purugupta. His name was mentioned in some seals and coins. The Bhitari seal inscription of Kumaragupta II, the Nalanda clay sealings of Narasimhagupta and the Nalanda clay sealing of Budhagupta. These are the strong proofs of Purugupta which mentions him as the son of Kumaragupta I and Ananthadevi. He is named as Maharajadhiraja.

It was According to some inscriptions, Narasimhagupta and Budhagupta were the sons of Purugupta. Most probably, he had another son named Kumaragupta II by whom he was succeeded. They also ruled the Gupta dynasty. The grandson of Purugupta was Kumaragupta III. From Saranath Budha image inscription, it is concluded that he was succeeded by Kumaragupta II around 473 A.D.

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