Vikrama Chola - Son Of Kulottunga Chola I

Vikrama Chola - Son Of Kulottunga Chola I
Vikrama Chola was the fourth Son of Kulothunga Chola. He succeeded his father in 1122 A.D. and became the emperor of a great empire which once saw great legends like Karikala Chola, Vijayalaya Chola, Aditya Chola, Parantaka Chola, Rajaraja Chola I, Rajendra Chola I, Rajadhiraja Chola I etc. He was declared as co-regent in 1118 A.D. and ruled between 1118-1135 A.D. He had three queens Mukkokilanadigal (chief queen ), Tyagapataka (became chief queen after the death of Mukkokilanadigal) and Neriyan Madeviyar.

He was appointed as viceroy of Vengi around 1089 A.D. He ruled Vengi very effectively with out any rebellions. At that time Western Chalukyan king Vikramaditya VI had a strong desire to capture Vengi but Vikrama Chola managed to keep him away from Vengi successfully during his tenure as viceroy. Around 1110 A.D. while he was a crown prince, Vikrama Chola led an expedition to the Kalinga empire and defeated them with ease on behalf of his father. Due to aging Kulothunga Chola I brought back Vikrama Chola and declared him as his co-regent in 1118 A.D. Both father and son together ruled Chola empire. In 1122 A.D. when Kulothunga died, Vikrama Chola became the king of Chola country.

During his rule he effectively ruled the huge Chola country which was passed on to him by his father. He was successful in maintaining good internal governance and also continued conquests on neighboring lands. When Vikrama Chola returned to his country in 1118 A.D. from Vengi, Vikramaditya VI of Western Chalukyan empire captured Vengi of Eastern Chalukyas. In 1126 A.D., after the death of Vikramaditya, Vikrama Chola reconquered Vengi. The local telugu Chieftains opposed the rule of Western Chalukyas and preferred the rule of Cholas. So they asked the help of Vikrama Chola and they also joined hands in expedition against Western Chalukyas. Atlast Vikrama Chola succeeded in regaining the lost territories by his father.

Vikrama Chola was a devotee of Lord Shiva. He patronised the temple of Chidambaram. In 1128 A.D., he spent a great part of revenue of country for expansion and repair of this temple. He also donated much to Ranganathaswamy (Vishnu) temple in Srirangam. In his inscriptions he was mentioned as Tyagasamudra which means ocean of sacrifices. Ottak-Kuttan was one of his court poets. He wrote Ula's on Vikrama Chola, Kulothunga II and Rajaraja II. The Ula on Vikrama Chola was lost but the Ula's on two latter kings gives some informaton about him.  His rule can be termed as a victorious rule and he is remembered as a great Chola king. He was succeeded by his son Kulothunga Chola II in 1135 A.D. 

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