Budhagupta - Sixth Successor King After Samudragupta

Budhagupta - Sixth Successor King After Samudragupta
Budhagupta was the sixth successor king after Samudragupta to rule the great Gupta empire, which was founded by Sri Gupta I and was once ruled by greatest kings of Indian history like Chandragupta I, Samudragupta, Chandragupta II, Kumaragupta I etc. He ruled for a long period from 476 A.D. to 495 A.D. He succeeded Kumaragupta II and ruled very much alike him.

Budhagupta reign was same as Kumaragupta II's reign. It was a peaceful time and full of prosperity. Like Kumaragupta II, Budhagupta had a good relations with the neighbouring empires. He had no conflict with them. So there was no scope for wars as well. This approach of Budhagupta towards neighbouring empires brought peace and prosperity to the empire. The people of the empire lived happily and felt very safe under his rule. As we know that Gupta empire was attacked by White Huns or Hunas during Skandagupta's rule. Skandagupta very badly defeated them and sent them back. There was another attack by Hunas on Gupta empire during Budhagupta rule. The Hunas occupied the fertile lands of Northern India. This time Budhagupta had a very friendly relations with rulers of Kannauj empire. They fought together with Hunas and defeated them and cleared them from Northern India but not fully.

They were later eradicated fully by his successor Narasimhagupta. But by the victory he achieved over Hunas, we can say that Budhagupta was a able and strong ruler. The copper plate inscription mentions that Pundravardhana Bhukti ( North Bengal ) was ruled by two of his viceroys namely Brahmadatta and Jayadatta. Maharaja Surashmichandra was governing the land between the rivers of Yamuna and Narmada under his rule and it is mentioned in the stone pillar inscription of Eran.

Budhagupta was one of the greatest rulers of Gupta empire who maintained peace inside as well as outside the kingdom. He was succeeded by his brother Narasimhagupta or Narasimhagupta Baladitya.

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